We’ve talked about the relevance of insulating your residence to conserve vitality and cash. Although you are at it, why not go a phase even more-for the great of the environment and your overall health-with environmentally welcoming insulation? There are a whole lot of options obtainable correct now. Below are a handful of.


Hold squander out of the landfill and keep warm by opting for recycled insulation. Recycled insulation may possibly be manufactured from a variety of materials, including melted minerals and sand or recycled glass (fiberglass), recycled newspaper (cellulose, paper), recycled metal slag (rockwool), and mill squander and minimal-grade and recycled cotton (cotton).

One particular recycled-content material insulation that has gained fairly a lot of press these days is UltraTouch All-natural Cotton Fiber Insulation, made by Bonded Logic. This insulation is created from 85 p.c put up-industrial cotton (feel denim producing scraps). It’s handled with a normal hearth retardant, is one hundred percent recyclable, and is VOC-free.


HempFlax insulation mats are produced from natural hemp fibers with some polyester fiber for reinforcing. They are obtainable in several thicknesses for insulating roofs, walls, and flooring. Hemp processing is clear and reduced on dust.

Sheep’s Wool

Thermafleece sheep’s wool insulation is made by Second Character. Sheep’s wool is safe and easy to handle and, unlike conventional insulation, will not likely result in itching and pores and skin discomfort. Furthermore, wool captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which, according to the company web site, gives Thermafleece a damaging international warming likely.

Spray-In Foam

Spray-in foam starts out as a liquid and, after it is sprayed, expands and solidifies, doing work as an air barrier to cease more than ninety p.c of air infiltration and reducing allergens and pollution in your house. Some spray-in foam is loaded with chemical compounds, but other people, like Icynene, are h2o-blown and will not offgas awful chemical substances. (Icynene is totally free of formaldehyde way too.)


Another spray-in selection: soy-dependent polyurethane, produced by BioBased Insulation. It truly is made with soybean oil, so there are not any petrochemicals, and you will not have to fear about mildew growth (or pests ingesting it). 145mm roll price -dependent polyurethane is also free of CFCs and VOCs. BioBased Insulation was the very first polyurethane spray foam insulation to make GREENGUARD certification.


Ok. This insulation isn’t produced exclusively from mushrooms. But Greensulate is made from agricultural squander merchandise-feel rice and buckwheat hulls-mixed with mycelium, which is a fibrous community created by mushrooms. The petroleum-free insulation is priced related to regular rigid board insulation (like Styrofoam) and has a equivalent R-benefit. And, probably best of all, when you might be accomplished with it, Greensulate will speedily crack down, enriching the soil and even aiding close by squander breakdown too. The only capture? You will have to wait around a whilst to consider it out-it probably won’t be offered as insulation until finally the finish of 2010 (despite the fact that you can buy other Greensulate products, such as coolers, now).